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How to pass VMware Spring Professional Certification


In this article, I will share with you the resources I have used to pass the VMware Spring Professional certification exam.

To know all the needed information about the exam, You can refer to the exam guide document which is mentioned on the exam web page. In addition, you can read the outline of VMware Spring Core Training for more information about the exam.


I have used the resources below to prepare for the exam:

Dominik Cebula's Udemy course will walk you through each question in the exam guide by giving you all the necessary information about the question and providing you with practice code which is a good thing if you want to do some debugging and know how things work in practice. In the same way, Ivan Krizsan's book contains answers for all the questions in the exam guide.

My strategy for preparation is as follows:

  • For each question in the exam guide:
    • Watch the video that corresponds to the question from the Udemy course
    • Read the answer from the book 'Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail'
    • Highlight some text from the book if needed
    • Take notes (In my Dropbox, I created a text file for each module that contains notes related to it)
  • Read all the notes and highlighted text from the book
  • Pass all Abdelahad Satour mock exams
  • Pass all Ivan Mirchev mock exams

It takes me around five months to prepare for the exam by devoting around two hours a day, which is long obviously, but I like going in-depth into some topics when preparing for the certification that is why it takes me that long e.g. Spring Security.